The Voracious One

He dropped her off exactly three blocks away as He always did.  It was far enough to keep them from being seen together.  She slid out of His black Explorer without giving Him so much as a smile. Her bare feet comfortable on the cool cobblestone. She walked silently towards her next task.  It was a quiet night on the outskirts of Aggieville in Kansas, but as she neared the center of the college town, the familiar scent of sin and filled her lungs and the sounds of drunk college girls and soldiers filled her ears.

A block away from Panama Jacks, she slipped on her heels and put on her confidence.  Her blonde wig would have looked out of place to anyone who knew her back home, but everyone here was a stranger.  She had even lightened her makeup to be sure she looked the part. He had chuckled at her when she stood for His inspection. 

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were a natural party girl.” He had said with a smirk as he slowly walked around her with his hands in his pockets.

She didn’t smile, she made no sound, but the offer of His approval was enough to make her knees buckle.  She adored Him and His approval was the reason she lived and breathed.

She stepped into the bar and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath of sin into her lungs.  It was here that she got to be whomever she wanted to become. It was here that she would please Him with an extravagant show. 

As she exhaled, she opened her eyes, and in that moment she became the sultry blonde He had asked her to be—confident, alluring, but just natural enough to come across as trustworthy.  She looked at the bouncer as he fumbled with her fake ID.  Her eyebrows raised when he finally gave it back to her.  

“Ev’nin’, Miss, uh, Shelly,” the bouncer said as he squinted at her ID. 

She smiled coquettishly, but turned away before he spoke another word to her. 

Tonight, she wasn’t here for the men.  

Shelly had seemed like a silly name to her, but He liked it and that was enough for her.  He had stopped using her real name ages ago.  She would have forgotten it entirely, but from time to time He would remind her with delicate whispers in her ear. 

In that moment of reverie, she felt Him. His eyes crawled on her skin like a thousand spiders searching for a home. She dared not look at Him.  Instead she canvassed the bar, looking for her—for the one she was meant to take to Him.