"Never make a man choose between love and war," she said, her eyes lost in some memory claimed by the horizon.

"He will always choose the latter and if he doesn't, he was never a man at all."

Toska Nabokov
 “Ship On Fire” James Francis Danby (1816-1875)

I am on a sinking ship that is burning. Please, let go of my hand.

Prised Araneidae

He dropped her off exactly three blocks away as He always did.  It was far enough to keep them from being seen together.  She slid out of His black Explorer without giving Him so much as a smile. Her bare feet comfortable on the cool cobblestone. She walked silently towards her next task.  It was a quiet night on the outskirts of Aggieville in Kansas, but as she neared the center of the college town, the familiar scent of sin and filled her lungs and the sounds of drunk college girls and soldiers filled her ears.

How warm are bullets?